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Steris Corporation, USA


STERIS is a leading global provider of products and services that support patient care with an emphasis on infection prevention with more than 16,000 Associates worldwide operating in more than 100 countries. STERIS HELPS OUR CUSTOMERS CREATE A HEALTHIER AND SAFER WORLD by providing innovative healthcare and life science products and services around the globe.

STERIS Life Sciences is your trusted partner in contamination control. For over 100 years, STERIS has been a global leader and expert in the industries of sterilization, cleaning and infection control. From innovation to results, their comprehensive portfolio of products and services is designed to meet your cleaning, disinfection & sterilization needs.

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Steris Corporation, USA

Minncare® Cold Sterilant is a peracetic acid solution developed for use on Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes and their associated distribution systems and also for the Cleanroom disinfection application. Peracetic acid formulations were developed by Minntech Corporation in 1976 and are currently being used in a wide variety of applications. Steris Corporation distributes Minncare Cold Sterilant to the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Industrial Marketplace ...Know more

Minncare® test strips provide quick results with easy-to-read indicators. There are two types of strips. They are Minncare 1% STRIPS and Minncare RESIDUAL STRIPS. Minncare Test Strips represent the leading edge of test strip technology. Designed by the producers of Minncare Cold Sterilant, these test strips combine ease-of-use with precise results. ...Know more

The most innovative solution for cleanroom disinfection ever produced. The Minncare Dry Fog 2S system provides an easy to use, high technology solution for cleanroom and critical area fogging. The combination of our highly effective Minncare Cold Sterilant chemical and our state of the art Dry Fog Delivery System enables users to rapidly and safely deliver Minncare vapor to even the most complex areas. Its sanitary and autoclavable design enables its useage in the most critical areas within pharmaceuticals and other industries. ...Know more

The Mini Dry Fog system provides an easy-to-use, high technology solution for confined-space fogging. The combination of our highly effective Minncare Cold Sterilant chemical and our state-of-the-art Dry Fog delivery system enables users to rapidly and safely deliver Minncare vapour to even the most complex areas. Its sanitary and autoclavable design permit its use in the most critical areas within pharmaceutical and other industries concerned with maintaining the utmost levels of sterility. The flexibility of the Mini Dry Fog nozzle allows for rapid vapor dispersion and ensures that the entire space is exposed to dry fog. ...Know more

Minncare® Dry fog system comes with accessories which assist in validation and operational ease. The accessories include Dry fog Vapor Detection System and Dry Fog Remote control . ...Know more

Minncare Dry fog 2S system has revolutionized the way Isolators & cRABs are disinfected. Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) Systems have prohibitive costs and many shortcomings and Minncare Dry Fog 2S System effectively overcome this. Many OEMs are now integrating Dry Fog technology in their Isolators and cRABs. Hence the choice is very clear- Dry Fog is the most convenient and economical method for effective disinfection of Isolators & cRABS . ...Know more

Hydropath Technology, UK

Ultimate in water care technology

HYDROPATH provides the ultimate in water care technology to global business, industry and consumers – reducing limescale, preventing bio-fouling and offering chemical-free solutions with a difference. We do this by applying the very best in scientific understanding and discovery, leading product innovation, proven application and unrivaled service, tailored to our customers.

Hydropath Technology, UK

Designed for limescale protection for heating, ventilation and plumbing services in offices, schools, hotels and other commercial buildings. ...Know more

Designed to improve water quality in both swimming pools and cooling towers. Aquaklear reduces chloramines and chlorine smell, bacteriological levels (algae) and lowers chemical usage. ...Know more

Designed specifically to deal with limescale in high pressure steam boilers. The S Range enables the use of untreated water for the steam boiler - straight from the mains or the borewell. ...Know more

Designed for challenging applications in industrial environments. The I Range provides a range of water treatment benefits, flocculation and bio-fouling control. ...Know more

The S38 is used in low-pressure steam boilers, steam ovens, steam rooms, humidifiers and evaporators. ...Know more

The K40 is designed to improve the water quality of pools, hot tubs, spas, water features, and other related applications. The K40 has a range of benefits that will make your system cheaper and easier to maintain, and more pleasant to use. ...Know more

Designed to protect domestic plumbing systems against limescale bulid up. The HydroFLOW HS38 is suitable for houses of up to four bedrooms, to protect combination boilers as well as vented and unvented cylinders. ...Know more

The HydroFLOW HS40 is designed for domestic systems withe pipe sizes upto 63mm in outer diameter. It offers the same chemical-free limescale protection as the HS38, maintaining the efficiency and longevity of boilers and preventing an increasing energy usage. ...Know more


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