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Dry fog system has revolutionized the way Isolators and cRABs are disinfected. Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) Systems have prohibitive costs and many shortcomings and Minncare Dry Fog System effectively overcome this. With many OEMs now started integrating Dry Fog technology in their Isolators and cRABs , the choice is very clear that Dry Fog is the most convenient and economical method for effective disinfection of Isolators and cRABs. Some of the key advantages of Dry Fog System are:

  • Total cycle time including venting is less than 2 hours compared to 7-9 hours by VHP.

  • Fully Integrated with your Isolator/cRAB

  • Residual vapour detection system to check the venting is complete post fogging.

  • Complete process can be easily validated.

  • Fully automatic operation when integrated into the equipment's PLC.

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Dry fog system is fully integrated with your isolators or cRABs making it very easy to use . It delivers Minncare cold sterilant vapors of controlled and accurate droplet size ensuring penetration into normally inaccessible areas. It can be integrated with your existing PLC so that the operation can be fully automatic.



Dry Fog System can complete a disinfection process in about 1 hour which makes it one the fastest methods of disinfection. It can easily achieve 6 log reduction inside your confined spaces.



Dry fog technology uses MINNCARE®, a cold sterilant registered by EPA for use as a fog, which is fully biodegradable with no measurable air residues. Minncare Cold Sterilant is a peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide based proprietary chemistry developed by Minntech for optimized biocidal efficacy. Minncare Cold Sterilant contains only pharmaceutical quality raw materials.


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Limitations of VHP Systems

    Dry Fog Systems scores over Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) Systems in many ways. VHP Systems have many inherent disadvantages of which some are;

  • Changes in loading pattern can affect vapour distribution and compromise the bio-decontamination process in VHP sterilization.

  • HEPA (High efficiency particulate air) filters fitted to isolators may be damaged and allow unfiltered air to enter the controlled work area resulting in subsequent microbial contamination.

  • The effectiveness of VHP bio decontamination on the products, components and process is dependent on the integrity of the whole isolator, particularly it requires negative pressure isolators.

  • VHP sterilization process needs considerable down time some times 7 to 8 hours as it involves 3 cycles like Vacuum generation, H202 injection and aeration time (removal of H202).

  • Basic VHP Equipments investments are high as it requires a separate VHP generator, injector systems and integrity of whole isolator, particularly with negative pressure isolators.

  • 32% H202 is used leading to corrosion issues

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Key Advantages
  • Total cycle time including venting is less than 2 hours compared to 7-9 hours by VHP, saving substantial production time

  • Fully Integrated with your Isolator / cRAB

  • Residual vapour detection system to check the venting is complete post fogging

  • Complete process can be easily validated

  • Fully automatic operation without manual intervention with integration into the equipment PLC

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Innovative Dry Fog Nozzle

The nozzle of Dry Fog System has been specially designed to be effective in the disinfection of Isolators and cRABs. The key advantages of the Nozzle include;

  • Unique design of Minncare Dry Fog nozzle fully integrated and mounted on your Isolators / cRAB

  • Produces 7.5 micron fog hence do not wet surfaces

  • Dry fog covers even inaccessible areas

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Proven Minncare Cold Sterilant

The Minncare Dry fog systems uses one of the most safe and environmentally friendly biocide, Minncare. Minncare is an USEPA registered proprietary mixture of Peracetic acid and Hydrogen Peroxide. Minncare achieves 6 log reduction of bacterial spores in just an hour of contact time. Another key advantage is the effective concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide during fogging is just 2% compared to as high as 32% in VHP systems.

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The Minncare Advantage

When you own Minncare Dry Fog Machine, you don’t just get an equipment, but all the advantages of Minncare Cold Sterilant with it. The USEPA registration, the safe and biodegradable action, the broad spectrum action, the swift action on bacteria, mycobacteria, fungus, virus, spores etc and the ability not to allow micro organisms to develop an immunity against it the advantages are many.

Dry Fog Equipment Advantage

The Minncare Dry Fog machine provides an easy to use, high technology solution for rooms upto 1000m3 in one single process. It is robust in construction with easy maintenance and no moving parts and no electrical component. It is made of SS 316L and hence easy to autoclave. The portable design allows users to use it in multiple locations, if needed.

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The Filfab Support Advantage

The Filfab technical team on Dry Fog system is a very capable support force. They provide you with assistance right from the selection of correct model based on your area layout , technical presentation, actual equipment demonstration, preparation of URS, validation and performance qualification etc. Filfab has multiple demonstration equipments in India to enable a quick demo, if you request for, before deciding to buy.


Minncare Dry Fog system is the most advanced, yet easy to use and competitively priced cleanroom disinfection equipment. The dry delivery of the disinfectant is unique which results in minimum usage of disinfectant, wide coverage including multiple rooms in single process and hence substantial reduction in time. Single system can handle unto 1000 m3 area in single operation with multiple rooms.

A typical clean room disinfection process with Minncare Dry Fog system takes about 3 hours including venting. Note that this is with the ability of clubbing multiple rooms in one process upto 1000m3 total area. If you compare this with conventional foggers which requires individual room processes and with some disinfectants which takes hours to vent out, the users end up with substantial savings on time many times upto 95%.

Minncare Dry fog cleanroom disinfection process is validated by the microbiological method. The major advantage with Minncare Dry Fog system is that it does not require a specific microbiology method. You can use your process - be it, Plate exposure, Swabbing, or Biological Indicators. Irrespective of the methodology Dry Fog system will qualify with upto 6 log reduction of the bacterial count.

Yes. Filfab offers actual working demonstration of Minncare Dry Fog system in your area of usage with microbiological validation support from you. In this way you can see all the benefits before buying.

Yes, with Mini Dry Fog systems and adapted Dry Fog nozzle systems it is possible to use this technology for smaller areas like airlocks, pass-boxes, isolators, cRABS, Biohazard cabinets etc. Contact us for more details.


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